Ponnappa- cartoonist
A piece of heaven
Twenty four by seven
All yours
just around the corner
Priya Ganapathy:
Kabbe holidays hums with natures little secrets- shocking, stunning and surprising you at every turn.  Very seldom does one get a perfect blend of everything- great sights, fabulous host, awesome food and good nights sleep! Big Big Thanks
Sushant Sarin:
Kabbe holidays is blessed with nature`s bounty and the tender loving care lavished by Dilip, Vidya, Carun and Dev- a matchless combination:  a treat for the soul.
Frank Weichmann & Rupal Bhatt:
Indescribable beauty. The food was awesome. It will be tough to go back to other food outside of Kabbe holidays.  Our warm compliments to the chef and Ms.Vidya’s menu and warm hospitality.  Dev - thanks for being an excellent adventure guide on the tit bits of the area.  We really enjoyed your company.  Kabbe holidays introduced us to a beautiful place close to nature, we would have otherwise not have experienced.  The cutest place and wonderful people make this a place we’ll want to come back to. 
Good luck to you all and to Kabbe Holidays.
Tilak, Jeynu, Salona & Tejas:  
Pristine nature in all its glory.  A magnificent place to stay. Scenic with the lush green beauty of the hills, streams, waterfalls, starlit skies and wonderful hospitality
Sushmita Bhargava:  
It’s been a beautiful experience so much so that words fail me- a balm to the soul as well as a cheer to the heart.  Thank you - Vidya and Dilip for your very warm hospitality- your measured graciousness and for keeping such a wonderful home.  Also Dev`s sparkling energy- extremely endearing.  Wishing you many happy times and great success in this venture you have undertaken.

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